Monday, 4 October 2004

weekend happenings

On Friday Franck, Valentine and I helped Jacques and Sophie move, from Louvigne-de-bais (quite a long way from Rennes) to Acigné (a fair way from Rennes). Since they were moving from a house, they had a fair bit of stuff, and consequently the truck they rented was enormous. I also scored a wardrobe and a desk that were surplus to requirements.

Saturday morning I rearranged my appartment into the only configuration that adequately accomodates the new furniture, unfortunately finishing too late to run my library books back into town, meaning that they are now more than a week overdue. In the afternoon I read the first half of "To A God Unknown", another Steinbeck, before heading in to watch the basketball in the evening. Avenir got up, courtesy of some excellent seals in the post leading to easy layups. This was despite the other team having a very well organised motion offense, which got them open jump shots all night long. Liz had a tough time of it early with fouls, but hit a few key buckets in the final quarter.

Sunday I did washing and finished off my novel, then went into TNB to watch "Wonderful Days". Walked back afterwards, grabbed dinner and, having read everything on my shelves, walked back in for the last screening of "Printemps, été, automne, hiver, ... et printemps" (Spring, summer, autumn, winter, ... and spring").

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