Thursday, 31 May 2007

the employment game

I had a job interview this morning. Going into it, I was lukewarm about the position, but having learnt more about what it would involve, I can see myself doing and enjoying it.

I expect to have a couple more when I get back to Brisbane in a couple of weeks.

getting ready to go

Over the past few weeks, and more particularly over the last week, I've been getting ready to head back to Australia. The magic day is next Thursday, June 7, when I jump on a plane back to the wide brown land and a future of uncertain employment and certain sporting rennaissance.

I've renounced the lease on my apartment, although I have to eat a big chunk of rent because I didn't give enough notice.

I've sold a bunch of my furniture - desk, table, bookshelf, wardrobe, washing machine, couch - although their remains a few large bits - mattress, chairs - and a whole raft of small things left to sell.

I've started looking at options for transporting things home. I'm only allowed 20kg of baggage on my flight, so I have another 30kg or so to send home either by freight, unaccompanied baggage or freight.

I still have any number of things to take care of. I have some loose ends to tie off at work, I have to wind up contracts for internet, gas and electricity, I have to sort out my bank, and worst of all, clean my apartment.

All this has made unemployment much to busy for my tastes.

The Emblog

My sister, recently arrived in Europe for a one- or two-year swing, has a blog, named "Gen Y Not". Check it out.

heel dragging

Long time no post. No time. That's a lie - lots of time, but lots of TV to be watched...

The weekend of the 5th of May was the second round of the french presidential election, as well as a 4-day weekend because of VE day. Mum, Dad and I rented a car and drove up into Normandy to Courtonnes-les-deux-églises to visit the Cassavettis. The 3 of us, Gabrielle, Francis, and their Australian friends Des and André had a really nice few days walking around, watching the election, and eating and drinking well. Dad managed the driving pretty well considering it was his first time driving on the right hand side of the road.

After that, Mum and Dad pushed off to the west for a swing through St-Brieuc, Brest, and Quimper with day trips to the Pointe du Raz, Concarneau, and Pont-Aven. In the meantime, Emily arrived in Rennes from Australia via Hong Kong and Finland, albeit just for a night on her way to Tours. Mum and Dad got back, but pushed off quickly again, this time flying over to England to attend Sheena's funeral and in so doing meet and stay with Elspeth and Derek.

They arrived back on the Thursday, and Emily on the Friday, and on Friday night we piled into a rental car and drove out to Chanteloup for dinner with Véronique, Yann, Jules and Rosalie. We all had a very good time, and Mum's gifts seemed to be a hit with the kids.

Em hung around Rennes for a few days, then mid-last week headed over to Paris before catching a train down to Madrid for a week.

Last Thursday I went around to Erwan & Manu's place for dinner with Liz, Ashu, Fabien, and the couple themselves. A good time was had by all, but it was sad to be seeing Liz for the last time. She hates goodbyes, but in all probability it could be a long time until we are once again in the same part of the world at the same time.

Following that, on Saturday, I wandered down the hill for a barbeque with the Gruël family - relative to Manu: herself, her husband, her son, her sister, her brother in law, her nephew, her niece, her mother, her father, then Ashu and me. One reason for the gathering was the final day of the french soccer league. All seemed well with 2 minutes of injury time announced in Rennes' match against Lille, but the Lillois scored with 20 seconds to play to push Rennes back to 4th and the UEFA cup instead of the Champions' League.

Sunday, 20 May 2007

up to ouistreham

On May 1st I headed up to Ouistreham in the jumper with Nono, Soso, Liz, Angie, Cris and Ashu. Ouistreham were having their club anniversary and were hosting a gala game between the nearby pro team from Mondeville and the N2F Ouistreham girls bolstered by a couple of Avenir players (Liz & Agnes) and a couple of girls from La Glacerie.

The game was fun. the N2 girls hung in there for the first half, and in fact the pros were only really kept in front by their French national team point guard. In the second half they got their offense going, though, and pulled away to win by 30 or so. A few of the N2 girls really looked like they belonged, notably Liz, Agnes, Rachael, and in the second half the german girl from La Glacerie.

After the game we had a drink, followed by a session in the carpark with the ever-crazy Julie and Charlotte from Ouistreham. We even adjourned to a MacDonalds on the way home for a very pulp-fiction buying Royale with Cheeses and beers for the road.

Sunday, 13 May 2007


Its been a busy couple of weeks, between family visiting me and me visiting family. I have a possible family-free window this afternoon, in which I might try to record the hilarity here.