Friday, 3 August 2007

batshit crazy awards

And the batshit crazy awards for today go to:
  • Telstra, who are going to sue the government over broadband rollout contracts. Should that fail, they plan to "tell Mum".
  • Manchester United, who have signed a 9 year-old from Brisbane. While that might sound pretty silly, sillier is the fact that they sign about 40 players of that age every year. An honorable mention goes to the family of the kid, who are moving (back) to England in order to be closer to the club. Just to recap, the kid is 9 frikkin years old.

Thursday, 2 August 2007


This is just outrageous. Making the police accountable to the judiciary and to the law itself is an important element of a free democracy. If as the article suggests the government is claiming, there is a problem with the judiciary leaking information about operations, then surely that is criminal activity and needs to be dealt with as such. The checks and balances in the system have to be respected and maintained. The solution is not, however, to remove those checks and balances. We covered all this 60 years ago, for goodness' sake.