Wednesday, 27 June 2007


Thus far, my time back in Australia has been characterised by a distinct lack of concrete developments.

I have a driver's license, I suppose, but I have yet to take any lessons. My other local registration activities have met with mixed success. Private health insurance was easy, but public cover is proving more difficult. The medicare office refused to believe, despite my physical and vocal presence in their office, that I was back in Australia, as I had no stamp in my passport to that effect. Of course, from my perspective, they had no proof that I'd ever left, since my passport is entirely devoid of Australian stamps despite 6 passages under their auspices.

I'm still living in temporary accommodation, and haven't yet made any headway on looking for somewhere more permanent. I have grand plans of getting myself an apartment, but the limited time available to search might make that difficult. Share accommodation just seems like it might be more immediately available, and simpler to boot.

The job front has been positive. I had interviews with a couple of places, one - my preferred option - of which has advanced to an offer, which I expect I'll sign and return next week. I also stumbled across another half-offer via an old colleague met by chance, but given the advanced stage of the other situation, the boat may have sailed.

Monday, 11 June 2007

back in the AUST

For those following at home, I'm now back in the land down under.

I had a very busy week last week sending boxes, dispersing my possessions and cleaning my apartment, the latter with significant help from Em. There were also a number of farewells, each time promising to see people again, knowing that it may only be true in half the cases. On Thursday I handed back the keys to my apartment and jumped on a train to the airport. From there it was off to Dubai, and then after a delay on to Singapore and then Brisbane, arriving on Saturday morning.

On arrival I was met by Lee and Mick at the airport, and we headed into town for breakfast and coffee with Paul, Julz, Celia and Andy. In the afternoon we headed up to Toowoomba and the family seat.

Sunday, 3 June 2007


My packing is underway. I dumped my clothes into my suitcase and pack in order to see how much it all weighs, but the news isn't good. Closer to 35kg than not, plus another 25 or so in books, CDs and assorted other stuff. I've since sorted it down to perhaps 27 or so in my packs, plus 20 in a box ready to send (130 euros with the post), and another box in preparation. With a little luck I can squeeze everything into those 4 receptacles (plus my carry-on).

Tonight is the last real dinner I'll cook. Key leftovers included a pack of red curry, a can of coconut milk, a half can of bamboo shoots, a bottle of fish sauce, some frozen green beans and a handful of rice. Its shaping up as a kickass dinner that will run into tomorrow, although I'll have to go get some noodles to fill it out.