Tuesday, 7 December 2004


I never cease to be amazed by the song selection for the timeout and quarter-time breaks at the women's basketball games I attend every week or two. There are a couple of theme songs from sports movies like Rocky, mandatory at any spectator sport worth its salt, and a couple of more-or-less-current hip-hop anthems (suitably moderated for young ears), in fitting with the general culture associated with basketball.

Then we have the Benny Hill theme.

Now, I'm not one to judge a song harshly, but at least in my mind this jaunty ditty is prone to conjuring images of scantily- or un-clad females gallivanting (Hi Lee) through a forest being chased by dirty old men. At a women's professional sports event, this juxtaposition might generously be called dubious.

It might just be my filthy mind, though.

On an related note, my french-english dictionary lamentably makes no attempt to provide a French equivalent for 'gallivant'. Perhaps that's for the best.

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