Tuesday, 25 January 2005

traditional my arse

I bought a bottle of wine to have with my lasagne tonight, a Cote du Rhone. On the back of the bottle they very proudly tell me that their vineyard was started in 1650, is on 15 hectares and has a lovely outlook, has such-and-such type of soil, that they use a mix of grapes including some even I've heard of (although it sounds to me like they're not sure), and most importantly that they still use traditional techniques. What a wank.

I want to see an Australian bottle of wine that says, "Our vineyard was started 3 years ago as a tax dodge. To cut costs, its on 100 hectares, and production is entirely automated. We don't allow visitors because they tend to be offended by just how ugly the place is. We grow cab sav and shiraz grapes because they sell well. None of this matters a damn; it's just a good wine. Drink now with red meat or a pie, and quit your damn whining about tradition."

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