Tuesday, 22 February 2005


Two years ago, if I had seen someone my age walking along the street with a black turtleneck sweater, carrying a baguette and wearing an iPod, I would have thought him an almighty tosser. Now, that's me. To boot, I'd just gotten back from shopping at the France equivalent of DJs, although in my defense this was in pursuit (fruitless pursuit, as chance would have it) of curry pastes (Thai, Indian, anything that doesn't claim "légèrement epicée" as a feature), since even the most basic non-European cuisines live in foreign food aisles here. Still, times have changed.

After last weekend's frivolities in Bern, this weekend was bound to be a bit of a social letdown. And it is. Meanwhile, back in Bern, it would seem Chris is knee-deep in attractive women, each more enthusiastic for his company than the last. Rennes, although not comparable to Bern, is also well-populated in this regard, with the important exception that enthusiasm has given way to something between apathy and disdain. Pas de chance.

Saturday night I caught Avenir's game against Brest, which they again won. Really physical, Liz copped one in the nose and had scratches everywhere after the game, and gave one girl a blood nose with a well-placed elbow. Anyway, it seems they're in a tie for first in their pool now, which I guess is a good thing. Liz is off skiing this week, lucky devil.

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