Thursday, 18 August 2005

hot ashes

Its been perhaps 20 years since Australia had a competitive cricket series with England, but they now find themselves up to their armpits. I can remember maybe 2 tests (AUS vs WI in Adelaide and AUS vs RSA in Sydney) in the last 20 years as exciting as the 2nd & 3rd of this series, so to have 2 in a row is just incredibly good for Ashes cricket. Having English cricket back in the media, and rightfully (for August) ahead of the football, is long-overdue and very welcome.

Personally, I lived and died on the BBC online radio commentaries of both 5th days, and am counting the days to the 4th test, the 5th test, and then to boasting about Australia's majestic victory to Laurie Tratt in Montego Bay.


Laurence Tratt said...

Admit it Jim - morally we're already 2-1 up ;)

PS: does anyone know if Glenn McGrath actually paid money for his latest hair cut?

Jim said...

Morally you probably are, but that's a bad thing for England. The aussies won the first test by 200+, lost the second by a glove's width, and were within a handful of runs of winning the 3rd. Only one century in 6 innings for a top 7 in which 4 players average more than 49 is a statistical anomaly, and they've been playing one bowler down (Gillespie couldn't hit the broad side of a barn at the moment). And it's *still* 1-1. The only thing Australians love better than an underdog is being one.

As for McGrath's haircut, in a team still carrying Dizzy Gillespie's mullet, anything goes.

Anonymous said...

here here! I couldn't agree more, and am really enjoying watching the cricket on winter's evenings on SBS, even with only one eye. Bring on the 4th and 5th and footy finals. Its been said before but I like it: "too much sport is barely enough".steele