Friday, 17 March 2006

runs, rides, curries and calls

I did go for that run (give or take a detour), on Wednesday evening, and it was good. Things here are just now getting warm enough for such activities to once again be workable propositions.

Yesterday, I rode over to ESC for lunch, where Ashoo (and others) was cooking for 80. Nice to catch up with Liz, Soso, Jerem, etc, but there are some conversations (conversators, really) who I find entirely incomprehensible. The words parse individually, but the links between them seem somewhat unjustified or even random.

Then, last night, I called Em for her birthday. Mum, Dad & Lee are all down to see her for a long weekend, so I got to chat with them all for a while. I particularly enjoy chatting with Em - we get along so much better on the phone these days that we have in the past in person.

Meanwhile, Rennes is silly with teargas and protesting schoolkiddies.

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