Wednesday, 19 April 2006

and then

Ah, so much to tell.

So I had a barbeque at Jesse's place with Jesse & Al, Nee & Andy, Gav, Mick, and Dave. Snags were cooked, sauce added, beers opened, and much catching up done. All was good with the world.

That evening I went to the footy with Mum & Dad to see the Lions beat the Bombers in a reasonably entertaining affair. Then on Sunday we drove down to Mullum to see Granny for her birthday. We had a walk along the beach at Brunswick Heads and had lunch at the pub. On Monday afternoon, Mum & I headed down to Goomburra, which in a former life I had known as Gordon Country, although in said previous life I hadn't ventured up into the hills into the rainforest they have there. The forest and the views were pretty awesome; photos to follow once I get some time.

On Tuesday it was back to Brisbane, hanging out at Paul's place. In the evening we went and picked up Chris & Anjum, status clarified, from the airport, and grabbed a meal before I headed over to Jesse & Al's place to crash. Wednesday, Chris, Anjum & I did the citycat thing out to Brett's Wharf, then back to uni where I grabbed a quick lunch then went to give my model typing spiel to a group in ITEE. Response pretty good, had a beer with David & Jörn afterwards.

In the evening it was the dream team for quiz night, Drs Chris & Anjum on Chemistry/Physics/Astronomy, Dr Brammer on matters medical, Paul & Jules on musical, myself and others as cleanup hitters. We pinched Dave Coyle from his regular team, too, but it didn't help, as we lucked out to them on a dodgy bonus question and came in second.

Thursday, Anjum, Chris & I continued the tourist thing, chooffing off to Lone Pine to look at koalas, roos, wallabies, snakes, wombats, etc etc. Once again, photos to follow when I get to it. In the evening we went for Punjabi with a big crowd - the Abingdon mob, Jez, Mick, Paul, etc. Afterwards I had a moment of weakness and died my hair what was purportedly blonde but what turned out to be a pale orange. Photos, well, we'll see how courageous I'm feeling. They exist, suffice to say.

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