Thursday, 1 February 2007

A bush in the beard is worth two...

Beard @ about 16 weeks, originally uploaded by jsteel.

I have a shocking confession to make. I have a thesis beard.

Actually, this is hardly a secret. Such things make poor secrets. I stopped shaving back in early October, and although for a while it looked pretty pathetic, it now does actually resemble a beard.

My initial plan was that I would keep it until my thesis was sent off to the examiners. My physio, Jerome, however, reckons that's cheating, and that I should keep it until they give my PhD. He has a point. A playoff beard doesn't get shaven when you make the Stanley Cup finals, only when you win or lose them.

On the other hand, Sophie and Rosalie have both refused to greet me in the proper french manner until my cheeks are once again available for kissing. I'm going to put them down as being against the idea.

Its a dilemma. So, in the spirit of, erm, not being able to make a decision, I'm going to throw it out to a straw poll. Does the beard go when I send of my thesis in the next couple of weeks, or do I keep it going until they give me my ticket'o'leave sometime in April? Leave your votes and, if you feel the urge, reasons, in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Keep it!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I can't see the beard in question due to the internet mafia here at work, so I may have to revise my opinion when I get home. Also, in the spirit of continuous disclosure, I must admit that I am currently sporting a beard myself.

Disclaimers aside, would your Stanley Cup heroes keep their beards if they thought it would affect their chances in the finals. I think not. As a PhD-to-be, will looking like a homeless wanderer improve your chances? Unlikely. As a single man, will the prickly stubble improve your chances? Clearly not.

I rest my case.

Jim said...

Comments were broken for some reason. The popup is a temporary fix.

I have had a few emails from people noticing the comments were broken. I hope I won't offend them by putting their comments here.

Jim said...

Keith: "I dunno. You look like some wild mountain man... and with your head covered by the beanie and beard a different colour from your hair, I could only recognise you by your eyes..."

Jim said...

Mum: "What a shocker. We tried to comment but the blog is not allowing it. I suspect that you are being investigated as a terrorist. John Howard may not let you into Oz.

I am not sure how a jury would react either."

Jim said...

Kerry: "No - to beard.

Re the beard. I am not opposed to beards per se (proof: my David has a beard
more often than not) but yours in its untamed state is a confronting one.
You haven't noticed women giving you those "oh my god, it's a serial killer" looks when you pass them in dark alleyways? It makes me think of Deliverance and chain saws. Maybe if it was trimmed/groomed a bit, it might get rid of the "hillbilly eats road kill" look."

Jim said...

Via tickertape:

d: "Nice beard"
ian: "Get rid of the godawful thing, Jim!"
bill: "that's scary Jim, I voting with Ian"
michael: "I say partial shave - a goatee or something that needs maintenance so that you've got real incentive not to let things drag on :)"

Jim said...

Score update:

Keep it (4): Jerome, Liz, da, michael (subject to trimming)

Lose it (8): Jesse, Keith, Mum, Kerry, Ian, Bill. I'll also count Sophie and Rosalie :)

Afe said...

Trish says "that's terrifying."

I say "that's terrifyingly SEXY."

So we have a deadlock. I think you should definitely keep the beard, and also go the shaved head again. Go go Amish Jim.

Anonymous said...

I reckon you should keep it until you get a job! :-)

Lee said...

If you keep growing it, you could plait it into viking braids.

Anonymous said...

Having now actually seen the beard for the first time, I can only reiterate my earlier opinion that action needs to be taken, and fast. However, such an action need not require the total removal of the beard - indeed, having sported such a hideous creation for so long, you are now have the luxury of many facial hair options: goatee, trimmed beard, chin beard, flavour saver, or even moustache. Just wisely, my son, but for god's sake, choose fast.