Monday, 15 January 2007

knee to now

A little slideshow about the progress of my knee since surgery. This was taken on my phone while I was in hospital - I think it was the day after the operation, or perhaps two days after. The little tube is draining out bad blood into a bottle strapped onto the brace. The left leg has a compression stocking as collateral damage.

Knee in Hospital

A few weeks later, at home, before taking off the last bandage.

Knee with bandage

Skip to today, nothing left except a scar, pretty much. There's a stitch hanging out at the top, and a couple on the side, all of which I'm assured will either dissolve or fall out at some point, presumably without my knee falling apart at the same time.

Knee with scar


Ozy Gurss said...

Hope you recover soon.
What was the problem of your knee?

Jim said...

I ruptured my Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) playing basketball last summer, and had to have it reconstructed.