Thursday, 31 May 2007

getting ready to go

Over the past few weeks, and more particularly over the last week, I've been getting ready to head back to Australia. The magic day is next Thursday, June 7, when I jump on a plane back to the wide brown land and a future of uncertain employment and certain sporting rennaissance.

I've renounced the lease on my apartment, although I have to eat a big chunk of rent because I didn't give enough notice.

I've sold a bunch of my furniture - desk, table, bookshelf, wardrobe, washing machine, couch - although their remains a few large bits - mattress, chairs - and a whole raft of small things left to sell.

I've started looking at options for transporting things home. I'm only allowed 20kg of baggage on my flight, so I have another 30kg or so to send home either by freight, unaccompanied baggage or freight.

I still have any number of things to take care of. I have some loose ends to tie off at work, I have to wind up contracts for internet, gas and electricity, I have to sort out my bank, and worst of all, clean my apartment.

All this has made unemployment much to busy for my tastes.

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