Wednesday, 3 October 2007


Busy weekend.

Friday night was Julz' birthday, and a bunch of us hit the Bowery for cocktails, then wound up back at Abingdon playing a dancemat game around 3am.

Saturday was grand final day, and a bunch of us made a blokey afternoon of it around at Neil's place.

Following that, I popped over to Mick'n'Paul's place for dinner and a screening of Oldboy. I gave Julz her birthday present, a Neon Genesis Evangelion model (possibly this one), which we then spent a few hours assembling into the early hours. We also had a visit from some guy wearing a headband and obviously either crazy or crazy high, who hung around talking to himself and playing with Mick's car until we called the police, against the possibility that he'd do either himself or Mick's car some harm.

Finally, on Sunday, Mum and Dad came down with a set of drawers and a set of shelves. We also went for a look at sofabeds - didn't buy one, but not far away now.


Unknown said...

Norman Park might look like a sleepy, suburban, uh, suburb.. but don't let that fool ya! This coming on the back of meeting George was pretty eye opening. And remember that the police took some time to respond due to the "high incidence of domestic violence in the area"... Norman Park is where it's at. Hey.. Ho..

And your description "wearing a headband" is accurate... but you left out that he wasn't wearing much else :-)


Afe said...

Oldboy roxx. Look forward to catching up with you in Qld some time next year, old boy.

Jim said...

Ooh, so you kiddies are ozbound again?