Wednesday, 5 March 2008


I went along to the ODI cricket final last night at the Gabba with Gav, Adam and Nicole. the game was OK, although Australia again played poorly. The top order collapsed yet again (all but one game this season, pretty much), and although James Hopes almost dragged us across the line with the tail, we probably deserved to lose. Nonetheless, it was an entertaining game.

The sideshow of being in the crowd was also fun. We were in a reasonably boisterous section, with plenty of guys getting plenty drunk. We also got a really good view of Roy's hit on the first streaker.


Sharmin (Tinni) Choudhury said...

First? You mean there were more then one?

Jim said...

Indeed, there was a second one later in the game. He gave Harbhajan an earful then got to the middle before he got crunched by a posse of security guards.

It really was quite shocking the violence with which they treat these guys.