Monday, 19 May 2008

a little golf

Of the three physical activity barometers I set myself at the start of the year, two - cycling and tennis - will almost certainly be achieved before I get to half-way. The third, golf, is behind the eight-ball, but I did put a dent in it this weekend.

I went up to Toowoomba to spend some time with my folks, and got out to golf with Dad on both Saturday and Sunday mornings.

On Saturday morning, we played 18 at Borneo Barracks. We teed off at 7:15am or so, and it was a beautiful morning. I had 94 (22-over), which was a couple more shots than I'd like, but still reasonable, particularly since it included a couple of drives sent onto and over the road. Dad had a fairly forgettable score.

On Sunday morning, we went and tried out Eustondale golf course, on the western outskirts of Toowoomba, for the first time. Once again we were away a bit after 7am, and this time the wind was in from the south-west, and it was pretty cold (about 5 degrees when we started, less with wind chill). The wind made the short par fours more challenging, and overall the course played reasonably well for a small course, with a couple of interesting holes. Dad and I were close all day, until I beat him on the last hole, 88 to 89. Once again, 22-over, since the course is just a short par-66.

Overall, I'd like to be able to play bogey golf (+18), but until I'm playing regularly, I only really expect +20-22, so I was reasonably happy with how I played. It was also really nice being out on the courses with Dad.

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