Monday, 16 June 2008

Interesting weekend.

Quite a weekend.

On Friday night, a few of us met up at Mick's place for a few drinks before heading to the German Club for beer and wine festival, replete with nice beers, bratwurst, pretzels and yodelling.

On Saturday afternoon, Lachy had a party for his 30th, starting at the cricket club around 2pm and finishing, in my case at least, at the Regatta around 1am. This included some weird encounters, including being approached by some random chick (which happens to other people, not to me), for a chat about Nabakov, Steinbeck and Graham Greene.

The plan on Sunday was to ride out to the DSTC barbeque at 17-mile rocks. 10 hours of drinking the day before, however, proved an inappropriate preparation for a long ride (to be remembered for next time), so I licked my wounds on the couch and watched the US Open golf and Collingwood-Carlton.

This week is a busy one - paper reviews due, and a visit from our boss/industry partner including delivery of the first alpha version of our tool.

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