Tuesday, 1 July 2008


I feel gormless. The word popped into my head as I was looking for a catchy headline, and upon further investigation, it fits me to a tee.

I need a nap. Not a long one, just a week or so. That would cover it, I reckon.

Its not work, I don't think. Last week was productive. I engaged my colleague more than I have, and we completed a fairly significant task. On Friday, I even sketched out an approach for the next task; I was content that it had been a good week. This week is not, thus far, so good - finding it hard to get going - but it is young, and I hold hopes.

I don't think its the weekend. It was a good weekend. On Saturday morning, Mick and I had a late breakfast at Atomica and headed up the coast to Marcoola, picking up essentials like an iPod car adapter and a pair of bodgy-looking sunnies, on the way. There, we had a walk on the beach, a beer or two, and a few board games with Jesse, Ali, Afe and Trish. On Sunday we even ignored the grey sky and greyer surf to have a swim that was surprisingly satisfying.

I got home just in time to see the last quarter of the Lions losing to Melbourne. Maybe that was it - didn't enjoy that.

Probably, though, I've been staying up too late. Doing nothing can drag on late into the night.

One way or another, gormless. Lacking in gorm.


Sally said...

you are just trying to avoid the next thing on your to-do list

Lee said...

what's that? driver's license? ;)

You need to do something that makes you feel fired up to release frustration and build gorm (eg for me it would be a good training session at footy involving hard running and/or tackling practice).

Ali said...

Gee, can't imagine why you're tired... And LOTRO is not nothing.