Tuesday, 11 May 2004

In other news, "my" government (I use the possessive with the utmost sarcasm, since John Howard and company nominally represent my nation, but represent none of my national beliefs, either by their deeds or by their comportment) released their budget today. Significantly:
- they are throwing more good money after bad in Iraq, sure to see some more Australians killed by stray American bullets, which seem to kill friend and foe equally often. That's OK though, because the young Aussies killed can be replaced by:
- Babies! Incentives for young aussies to get on the job and pump up our population, so that we don't have to resort to accepting those dirty stinking immigrants (once again, utmost sarcasm intended). Oh, and we can raise these babies properly, with an increase in daycare centres. That way, Joe and Joan Citizen can keep working, and benefit from:
- Tax breaks! Oh, actually, that's only if their rich. If they're poor, they can apparently take cold comfort in the reassurance that their marginal tax rate won't rise. Let the jubilation flow like Moet at a boat launching...

Actually, the immigration statement is really fair, since there are also more places for skilled immigrants in the budget. Also, the funding increases for education, research, and the ABC are good things. Still, the defense and tax changes don't impress me one bit. Oh, and its truly an election budget, with funding increases in all the keystone areas.

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