Monday, 9 August 2004


Bring it, books! I totally smacked down two chunky books last week. Last sunday, on the way back from Paris, I started into Dan Simmons' Hyperion, which I wrapped up Wednesday night. I peeked 16 pages into the sequel, (although to suggest that one can read one without the other would be misleading) Fall of Hyperion, on Friday night, then kicking its ass all through Saturday and Sunday afternoons, finishing it around dinner-time Sunday.
Seriously, though, the story is pretty awesome, and well-written to boot. Although the second volume is perhaps more coherent, the variations in the styles of writing, and the general world-building, led me to prefer the first. I now have a painful 3-week wait until my library re-opens and I can track down copies of the Endymion books. In the meantime, I have 1 Asimov and 2 Steinbecks (courtesy of my parents' birthday care package) to tide me over.

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Tony said...

Hi Jim,

I re-read the whole cantos earlier in the year, they're truly excellent. I also highly recommend "Ilium", which Simmons published last year as the first part of a two-part story. There was a rumor flying around on the web several months ago that the Hyperion novels were in development at a film studio, with Scorsese's name being thrown around. Sounds interesting, but I won't hold my breath...;-)