Tuesday, 3 August 2004

first encounters with footy

I ran across this today, by an American chick impressed with her first encounter with footy:
it looks like what our football was supposed to be. It's not full of prima donnas who have to sit down and rest after every play. Shoulder pads? Taped hands with plaster around them so they won't get hurt? Big pads on their thighs? Sit on the sidelines wrapped in a blanket next to the furnace? No. You guys get to wear what the guys wear in northern Australia -- as little as possible. Yeah, it's raining. Yeah, everyone in the stands is wearing winter clothes. Too bad. Play. Keep moving and you'll stay warm. You got tackled and lost the ball? Get off your face and get it back. No, we're not going to stop the game until you feel better. Play, or let someone else do it, but if you lay there and pout, we'll just run over you until you have sense enough to get out of the way.

Not bad.

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