Thursday, 25 November 2004


I got in about 10 past nine this morning, earlier than recent standards, but hardly crack-of-dawn, and it was cold. I saw some traces of ice in some puddles outside one of the walkways, and about 20 minutes later, was telling me it was 1 degree celsius, which I'd believe. Not sure for how much longer I can keep riding my bike in if we're going to be getting ice - I'm not cut out for that.

Oh, also, I'm in a new office now, with Franck and Benoit, my erstwhile co-authors. The noise from the construction is a little louder, but hopefully the collaborations will be worth it.


Anonymous said...

You're still riding!? - you're crazy!!! I gave that up for a joke a good month ago! Frost-bitten extremities while sweating like a pig is a novel experience :-)

Jim said...

Yeah, but if my guess is right, you're in Switzerland, and I'm in Brittany :)