Saturday, 27 November 2004

The Incredibles

I'm not one to gush about movies (I suspect a glance at my comments through the year would veer distinctly negative in nature), but I saw The Incredibles last night, and it rocked. Hard. Now, I was watching a French dubbed version, much to my chagrin, so I probably only picked up on a certain proportion of the dialogue humour, but the rhythm and timing was top-notch.

What I really liked, though, were the film references. In particular, the scene chasing the son (Flèche in the VF, Dash in the VO, I think) through the forest was a beautiful mix of the ROTJ speeder bike scene, across the desert of the Episode 1 pod race, and a scene across water, that Jacques noted later was from Bond. Also Mole Man at the end, the endless references to comic characters, of which even a rookie like me picked up a few (Cyclops, Mole Man, etc).

Think I'll try and catch an English screening when I get back to Oz in December, to pick up the rest of the jokes that I missed.

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