Thursday, 12 May 2005

smaller, lighter, blinder

So, like a good little boy, I trotted along to be examined by a doctor this morning. I passed, although I was at a loss to remember what the triple antigen entails (measles, mumps, rubella, I think, in hindsight). That said, my passing marks disappointed me a little. I was 1cm shorter than I thought (189/190), and a few kilos lighter (74kg) than I thought I was, but more importantly I missed a few letters on the eye test with my left eye. Immediately after I'd done it I wondered about the positioning of the eye chart right next to a very bright open window, but given that I was fine with my right eye, it's still a little worrying. The doctor also said I had a straight back, although I guess she must have been joking. I now move on to the "pay 55 euros and collect a carte de sejour" stage of the game, although I'm sure it won't be that simple.


Anonymous said...

I trotted along to the doctor the other day as well. Sadly I am a good 2 cm shorter than I thought I was (179/181cm), and 2kg lighter than I thought I was (66/68kg). Ahem, quite frankly I think they were fibbing about both. *Sob* As for the eyesight, I would take as evidence that having to walk halfway up the platform to see what train it is, is definitely not a good sign. *sob* *sob*

Jamie Dawn said...

Atleast you've still got one good eye. I wonder why you're shrinking? Better get a second opinion.