Wednesday, 14 September 2005

change in transmission

I had occasion to use the wayback machine to revisit one of my old blog (by name, not tech) entries from 2002, and its interesting to note how things have changed. My writing style now is more formal but, perhaps by consequence, I blog much, much less often. I've decided to try and change that. Prepare for more posts, with more dropped subjects. Example follows.

Hooked up with Paul last night for a quick bout of NWN, continuing the game we started on the weekend. Its frustrating having to run over the same ground again and again, a condition not helped by my deciding to launch a single-player game at the same time. In the meantime I'm going to grab a copy of BG1, a game that I haven't played through before, that might offer some more story novelty satisfaction. I also continued ploughing through my TV stash, watching another episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm and another couple of Six Feet Under. So well made, that show.

Today, at work, I'm mostly doing jack shit. Forecast has that continuing into the afternoon and into tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Why not go back to morse code or semaphore? What's wrong with expressing oneself well and it is so easy if you can touch type and spell check. Perhaps you have listened too much to George Bush.

Jim said...

I just have a feeling that some sort of implicit self-obligation to write "proper" entries was holding me back from writing often. My old entries popped out one a day, and I enjoy reading them. I realise that this may be partly nostalgia, but hey. Change is the only constant.