Monday, 19 September 2005


Yeah, well, so much for the whole posting every day hypothesis. I'll plead long weekend. OK, perhaps it wasn't every day, just more spontaneously, and I think I can meet that.

By way of update. The long weekend was due to Irisa deciding to rip up all the electrics this weekend, the RTT day coming via August, a change that annoyed some of my workmates, but suits me just fine. To profit, I caught up with Liz, friday, for lunch at the wine bar where we go from time to time for tarte. I did some shopping in the afternoon, too, though as per usual the lack of car prohibits a shop for more than a few days' worth of food.

Saturday I bludged the morning away and gamed the afternoon - tennis and BG. Soso called me out for an apero in the evening with a friend of hers, but conversation was as sparse as sparse can be, so I bailed after a couple of hours and came home and watched another 6-ft under episode, the penultimate. The other reason for my now-standard abandonment was the smoke. Its a well-observed fact that all single attractive women in Europe are smokers, but it really becomes a problem when every other person in the bar (in this case the Webb) is as well. My jumper, hibernating for 5 or 6 months now, took about 2 hours to become thoroughly imbibed.

Oh, between the gaming and apero I braved a roast lamb - I didn't really know what I was doing, so I just tossed it in the oven with a bit of water, some garlic, rosemary, onions and potatoes and hoped for the best. It was OK, not enough blood in the juice for a good gravy - too pale - and the potatoes didn't cook, but I'll grade it a C+, with promise.

Sunday was gaming day - got up early and all - before the sun, which has gone all lazy and isn't up before 8 these days. Slacking in the heat department too - was mid-single figures Saturday night, and felt it. Anyway, the gaming was good; Dan and Jules rocked over to Paul's, and once we eventually got it all going it was fun.

This evening I finished a couple of my TV series - s2 of Curb Your Enthusiasm over dinner. Pause. Every now and then I manage a proper dinner. Tonight, even if it was last night's effort, I had roast lamb + 3 veg, with gravy, cracked pepper, green tea (no wine in the house - too heavy for shopping), then camembert with fresh baguette and a still-in-progress short nightcap of calva. I'm way getting old, but if the calva fits, wear it.

The other series was 6ft under s5. Best. Show. Ever. Not the final show, but just the whole series, or rather 5 series. You know, the show. I was a big sopranos fan, and there are bunches of others that I've really liked. Firefly might be the closest, but it had no closure - it finished a good 2 or 3 seasons short of that, and so suffers as a result - maybe the movie will help. The sopranos goes the other way, and maybe should have wound up after 4 or even 3 seasons, but 6fu finished at just the right time. And its quality - really pathos in just about every episode, and not just cheap soap pathos, but well-made. There's a real identifiable sense of style to it, that starts with the obvious things like the fades to white but goes further. Example, in the last episode Brenda is talking to a doctor, and one of the dead folks takes his place. The change was so seamless I had to go back to see whether they'd cut or done some tricky morph, but on reflection the morph would have been way wrong for the whole way the show's shot. That's probably bullshit, but there you go. Good show. Will be missed.

Brain. Empty. More to follow another day.

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