Monday, 14 March 2005


I was asking for it, I really was.

I heard from all sorts of people last year that Joss Whedon's series Firefly was really cool, and the fact that it got cut was a real mystery to anyone who had seen it. I'm a sucker for good series television (see Sopranos, The), so I grabbed a copy. Sure enough, its really good, with the analogies and the moral ambiguity and with developed characters and good and more importantly appropriate (yes, Farscape, I'm talking to you) SFX, and with the western influences, and... I digress. Its good, one might say shiny even, and the grassf*&kers cut it. What is it about science fiction series on televion? This thing gets cut without even finishing its first season, but Nobody Loves Raymond goes 10.

I already knew, before I even watched it. I just needed to vent. Thank you for your patience. Normal operations will resume shortly. Just after I get back to episode 10.

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