Monday, 26 September 2005

footy final

I managed to avoid news of the footy during Saturday so that I could watch the game on Sunday. Going into it, I was a little indifferent, but probably more for the Eagles than the Swannies, just because the games I'd seen through the year made me think that te Eagles were a team put together the wrong way, whereas the Swans were a team that played the wrong way. In the end, the eagles' lack of anyone capable of taking a mark was clearly their downfall, whereas Sydney's defensive, tactical and, in my view ugly game, stood up. One opinion I did change was of Barry Hall, who I had thought of as basically a harmless thug, but who I now consider just a thug. He clotheslined Wirrpunda in the first half in a really cowardly display. Anyway, the commentators called it a great grand final, but I thought it was a pretty ugly game - low scoring obviously, but also with a lot of stoppages and clogged forward lines almost all game.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree, not a pretty game, not free flowing but scrappy. I did find the final quarter exciting, after getting a phone call from Oslo about the game. I was supporting Sydney (I do not know why)so I was happy.

Anonymous said...

I was digging a hole.