Thursday, 27 October 2005

can't hold a candle to the candle

Last Monday I made two orders. About lunchtime I logged onto the Candle Records website and ordered 3 new Lucksmiths' CDs and a DVD. In the evening I called SFR and asked for a new SIM card. The first order was previewed to be 1-2 weeks, the second 72hrs + time of delivery. Then, on Wednesday, I ordered a mobile phone, from another online shop in France, with an expected delivery delay of 2-7 days.

I only have one of the 3 packages, and its only slightly surprising that it's the one that came from 16,000km away instead of those from <1000km. French efficiency.

In other news, it's T-shirt weather! Well, it is in my head.

1 comment:

Afe said...

You know what's even better than t-shirt weather? Wet t-shirt weather!

P.S. I hear you had a good time in Jamaica, thx for the post card, I feel so popular!