Friday, 25 November 2005

to the happy tipple

I squeezed out some sentimental words by way of a wedding toast this evening, in a spontaneous role as surrogate speechwriter. Two and a half large jars of Beamish red played a not significant assisting part in the copious corn contained, in a flourish the fruity froth which perhaps only Jesse could fully appreciate. (*sniff* Almost made we want to dance on levels *sniff*) God bless the sauce and the eloquence it engenders, and three cheers for Kev'n'Kel, the happy and unknowing beneficiaries!


Anonymous said...

Hello to all of Jim's friends back home! I just wanted to attest to Jim's assistance with my wedding speech. He rattled a tear jerking piece of art in a matter of about 5 minutes! He should get into the business of writing greeting cards. What a guy!

Jim has become one of my best friends here in France and I couldn't imagine my life here without him!

Vivement Jim!!

Liz - his amazon basketball playing, rum drinking friend!

Anonymous said...

This is getting interesting: alcohol, violence and soccer.
I want to hear more from Liz in the jungle (what's amazon basketball? sounds sticky); more controversial soccer comments from Jim; better articulated scathing responses by an anonymous critic (do you play sport anon? no scars no proof, Jim has an iron-clad proof, left arm).
I also want more interesting arm movements accompanying big statements, maybe even spitting to accentuate those other letters in between vowels (wog-blog).
An anonymous sister, also not a soccer follower or a liberal, still a bit green in this wide world, planning to visit these crazy drunk Frenchy-wannabes next year.

Anonymous said...

Whats up anonymous sissster!

Yes come visit us frenchy-wannabees. We can show you amazon basketball first hand. But make sure you bring along a turtleneck, an ear for the Compagnie Creole, a strong stomach and a gps to find your way home after!

Anonymous said...

And when I say sister, I don't mean like an actual sister but I mean it like the way black people use it which is more meaningful, I think.