Friday, 4 November 2005

the weeks roll by

... and no blog entries. I'm a slackarse, it's true. You've found me out.

Actually, the truth is that I haven't been doing much. Saturday my new mobile phone and SIM card turned up, so I played a little with that (as much as one can without an activated SIM card).

The plan, meanwhile, was at some point over the weekend to head along to the Salon des Vins et de la Gastronomie (wine and tasty food) with Sophie and Liz. Liz couldn't make it, courtesy of a heinous workload at uni, but Soso and I trotted along Tuesday evening. We tasted a bunch of whites (Rieslings, Sauvignons, Chardonnays and an Anjou or two), I tried a bunch of reds (Grenache - ugh, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chinon, among others), and by the end, a little less sensitive to subtle taste (and gravity), I tried a couple of cognacs. We also bought some jambon from the pays basque, which I hope to get into this weekend.

Great fun, but a pretty slim return for a four-day weekend. Oh, I bought gumboots, too, with a view to going mushroom-hunting, but now that's cancelled. I still have gumboots, though. Whee!


Lee said...

Gumboots are big in Oslo. The girls wear very pretty, colourful ones with flowers or polka dots.

Afe said...

Gumboots are good for kicking people in the arse with. But terribly bad for running away in.

Jim said...

Ah, the eternal footwear tradeoff. Slippers, by contrast, are very comfortable, but useful for neither arse-kicking nor running away. Likewise ug-boots.