Friday, 23 June 2006

job market

It feels like I'm falling into the job market tous d'un coup. I got a request to send a CV off to someone last week, then an ad for a post-doc popped up the other day, and today I see that NICTA are looking for a researcher in SE. They all involve interesting topics in which I have a bit of experience, too, which is reassuring in terms of the job market not being as glum as I thought it might have been. At the same time, they probably need attention in the next few weeks which, from the perspective of both time preparing applications and mental energy expended, is not likely to help my PhD progress in the short term.


Anonymous said...

You sure love your acronyms, don't you? What does it all mean, mon ami?

Anonymous said...

And where does it mean, to boot?

Jim said...

CV : curriculum vitae.
NICTA : National Information & Communication Technologies Australia (big research institute)
SE : software engineering
PhD : Piled higher and Deeper.

It points to 'straya, but the sign still says "16 000km".