Tuesday, 27 June 2006

the roundball shame

Et c'est pour ca, mes chers amis, que le foot est, et va toujours être, de la merde. May as well toss a goddamn coin. Arbitrary referee decision, game over. And to think I overpaid for two pints during the match. Soccer is dead to me. C'arn the pies, up you Lions, and ooh-aah Glenn McGrath.

Really, though. What sort of sport allows a game like that? 90 minutes with basically nothing happening, then the referee gets thirsty and blows an arbitrary penalty to avoid going for another 30. Pish. Tosh.

Bitter? Yes please, and make it a pint.


Afe said...


Anonymous said...

I agree that soccer can never be considered a legitimate sport with decisions like that. Why did we bother?vojsra

Anonymous said...

Watching Richmond play footy or the Tassie cricket players doing interval training is more appealing to me (than soccer/futbol games like that) at the moment. Hopefully there won't be a ticker-tape parade, need some ticker first.

Jim said...

Ooh, Zing! That ticker line is a real winner. I can't tell you how big a fan I am. It will take all my resolve not to steal it and put it down as my next post.

Richmond football does have in common with soccer that the result of the game has little to do with the prior form of the teams that run onto the pitch, and is likely to yield heartbreaking and seemingly arbitrary results.

Lee said...

I'm afraid I can't share your disillusionment at the moment as I have half a season yet to play for the mighty ANU women's 4th division (white) team and I need to kick a goal.

Come September I'll give it up in favour of cricket.
Who's excited about the First Test?
Pick ME!

Anonymous said...

Go ahead Jim, Steel it, make my day :) Give it some mileage while you can.