Tuesday, 22 August 2006

Slightly Less Ugly

No, not me. I still look like I used to, I'm afraid.

The blog is hopefully slightly less ugly than its previous radiant orange self, courtesy of Blogger upgrading itself somewhat. So there are now tags on posts (still working on a scheme), trackbacks (by any other name) should work, and the sidebar is kinda different. On the downside, the main column is now fixed width, which shits me. There are a few other things I would change if I could, but for the moment they're not letting me hack at the template code.

It makes me feel productive, anyway.


Anonymous said...

très joli

Jim said...

Le site, vous voulez dire, j'espére ;) Merci, en tous cas.

Beck said...

Yes, I meant the site - but that doesn't mean it doesn't apply to you either (sorry bout the double negatives)! :)

Just wanted to ask if you know much about Bordeaux, Montpellier, Nice or Antibes.

I may have to sit an exam in January next year and have the option to either take it in Brisbane or else in one of those other locations.

Do you know much about the weather and lifestyle or what there is to do in those towns?

Jim said...

I'm afraid I haven't been to any of those towns, Bec. In fact, I didn't even know where Antibes was without the aid of a map. I've heard basically good things about the côte d'azur (Antibes, Nice, and at a stretch Montpellier), although Nice is reportedly pretty touristy. Bordeaux is supposed to be nice too. Of course, in January, France is a cold place (compared to Brisbane), and I imagine the coastal towns, Nice especially, would be a good deal more quiet during that time. Whether that's a good or bad thing depends on your touristic preferences.

Brisbane rocks, though I imagine it loses a certain novelty value compared to those others :)

Beck said...

Merci beaucoup.

My plans are a bit shaky at the moment due to new work commitments after graduation...

My first preference would definitely be to go to France -
though I always have been a bit of a mauviette when it comes to the cold - having lived near a beach and in my pluggers for the majority of my life. :)

But I came up with a brilliant back up plan today. Sit the exam in Brisbane and then go to Tahiti for a week or two and do France during a warmer time of the year! :)

Will you still be in your adopted homeland over Xmas and New Years?

Jim said...

Tahiti would seem a better January option than France. One could mount a compelling argument that its a better option regardless of which month. I'm fairly resigned to being here for the foreseeable future, including Christmas/New Year's.

Anonymous said...

and the guy too