Monday, 7 August 2006

We used to sit on our arses...

Some things might have to change
I wish there was some furniture
That I could rearrange

Quiet weekend. I sort of watched Battlestar Galactica, a couple of games of footy, read some of my book, and did a little cooking (quiche, bolognese, some little dim-sim things, and a stir-fry). I figure I'm probably entitled, between last weekend in England and next weekend in Germany. I probably haven't mentioned that, but I'm off for a long weekend to see Anjum & crazy in Weinheim, with probably passes through Heidelberg and Mannheim. The train tickets arrived Saturday.

I've been feeling very tired recently, and am still considering the possibility of buying a proper bed to see if that helps me sleep better. What's really holding me back is not wanting to go looking at beds and not wanting to have to sort out transport. I just need somewhere I can order online or over the phone and have it delivered.

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