Wednesday, 27 June 2007


Thus far, my time back in Australia has been characterised by a distinct lack of concrete developments.

I have a driver's license, I suppose, but I have yet to take any lessons. My other local registration activities have met with mixed success. Private health insurance was easy, but public cover is proving more difficult. The medicare office refused to believe, despite my physical and vocal presence in their office, that I was back in Australia, as I had no stamp in my passport to that effect. Of course, from my perspective, they had no proof that I'd ever left, since my passport is entirely devoid of Australian stamps despite 6 passages under their auspices.

I'm still living in temporary accommodation, and haven't yet made any headway on looking for somewhere more permanent. I have grand plans of getting myself an apartment, but the limited time available to search might make that difficult. Share accommodation just seems like it might be more immediately available, and simpler to boot.

The job front has been positive. I had interviews with a couple of places, one - my preferred option - of which has advanced to an offer, which I expect I'll sign and return next week. I also stumbled across another half-offer via an old colleague met by chance, but given the advanced stage of the other situation, the boat may have sailed.


Unknown said...

My parents ran into that little trouble with health insurance a few weeks back, despite at least having an incoming stamp and a stamp for Kiribati. You see that only showed that they were in Kiribati, but not that they came from Australia. errrrrr, yeah.

In your case the appropriate response should have been to start swearing in French :-)

Anonymous said...

I think you need to update this one ...