Monday, 19 November 2007

change of tempo - golf

Time for a post to break up the politics stuff (which I do enjoy, and which attracts more comments, which I also enjoy).

On Saturday, some NICTA Qld folk organised a day at the golf. It was rainy in the morning, but 6 of us showed up: Felix, Ricky, Conrad, Sylvia, Charles and myself. We hit a few balls on the range before heading out for 9 holes. Of the others, I think only Ricky had hit a ball before, which showed, and so I had a little bit of a role as a coach on the range. I don't think I was very good at it; too much advice, and probably not the right advice a lot of the time.

I played around with Charles and Sylvia, who struggled and tired as the day went on, but stepped up when it counted and both hit over the lake on the 4th, which was 10 times as difficult as any shot they had hit up to that point.

I played really well, which was surprising considering I hadn't gone around since playing with Dad in June. On the second I hit a 4 iron to within a foot of the pin for a birdie, which is probably one of the best (most effective) shots I've ever hit. I only had one hole worse than bogey (the 8th, toughest on the course), and wound up with a 40 for the 9 holes. Its only a par 34, and pretty short. Also, many of the par 4s are quite short; a couple of times I was chipping to the green for two. Still, I putted well (no 3-putts) and I was consistent, so I was very happy.

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