Monday, 21 April 2008

all the recipes I've never ruined

This was a weekend for the sports I wish I played.

On Saturday night, it was off to the footy again, watching Buddy Franklin's Hawks get past Bradshaw's Lions by a couple of goals after a fairly close game that, I have to confess, the Lions were lucky to stay in as long as they did. why Matthews put Brown on the ball, I still don't understand. After the game, we went for a kick-to-kick on the field, which was, once again, lots of fun.

On Sunday, we went over to Bulimba for 9 holes of par 3 golf. I didn't know it was there, but they have a little course of 9 holes of between 83 and 102 metres, which is a type of golf I haven't played before, but which makes for a nice little challenge, and a pleasant social outing. I shot 35, and felt good hitting my wedge. It also reminded me again that, of all the sports at which I consider myself able, golf is probably the one to which I'd like to devote more time.

While we were waiting to play, Adam mentioned that he has just started up with a cricket team, which reminded me that, of all the sports at which I don't consider myself able, cricket is probably the one to which I'd like to devote more time.

After we had finished and were having a drink, a bunch of the Lions players rocked up. I'm not sure whether it was for a hit or a drink, but it was strange to see them wearing sleeves. Jonathan Brown is a big boy.

In the afternoon, we all rolled around to Neil & Sandy's for a BBQ. Doug, Andy and I went down to the park for a kick-to-kick, which was again fun. I was reminded that, of all the sports to which I wish I could devote more time, footy is the one most likely to result in my suffering a major injury.

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Lee said...

Quite likely, but I'm 3 games in and still no injuries (just a few moderately impressive bruises). I've heard there's a touch/tag version of aussie rules - that would be fun to try.