Monday, 5 July 2004

Forget Federer, Woody greatest ever

People have been saying that Federer could be the greatest player ever, and it might be true in 10 years time, but its way, way too early to do so now. However, you can say this right now: Todd Woodbridge is the greatest male doubles player in history. Over the weekend he won his 9th Wimbledon mens doubles title, with Jonas Bjorkman, surpassing the Doherty brothers' record, set in 1905 (under the challenge round system). He has 22 grand-slam doubles titles (16 men's and 6 mixed), and 81 professional doubles titles. The latter surpasses McEnroe (77) and Okker (78) for the most ever, and the former surpasses, I believe, John Newcombe's 18.

So, hats off to Woody, today's top Aussie.

(It should be noted that these are records for men. Woodbridge doesn't come close to any of Navratilova's records for doubles titles (129) or grand slam doubles titles (31 women's and 9 mixed). Probably, no-one ever will.)

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