Saturday, 3 July 2004


Of the two papers I submitted to ISSRE 04, one was accepted and the other rejected, the rate that I had expected. The reviews of the paper I wrote with Franck & Benoit ranged from ambivalent to positive, and for the one I wrote with Michael from very negative to positive. In the face of all deduction therefrom, and contrary to my expectations, it is the latter that got up, while the former was rejected. I'm happy that the paper with Michael got up, but I think I'll have to bone up on some stuff like compiler testing before its presented.

The positive coming out of the rejection is that the paper might, in fact, fare better submitted to a journal, since we had to cut 3 or 4 pages of content from its length to fit into the 12-page conference format. No doubt we will talk next week about re-working it.

As for the reviews, I was pretty surprised by some of them - which seemed to miss the point of the papers. Admittedly, I have had similar reactions to paper reviews in the past.

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