Tuesday, 13 July 2004

prefecture pain

I gave some more of my life to the prefecture over the last 24h. I managed to put it off yesterday afternoon until 2:30pm, and it cost me, as the queue stopped for the day, 2 numbers in front of me, at 4:30pm. I think they processed perhaps 10 people in 90 minutes. The numbers weren't much better this morning. I got there at 9:30am, and was served at 10:45 or thereabouts. Somehow, my appointment was perhaps 2 minutes, but they only managed to get through 6 numbers in the 75 minutes before I got there. Someone needs to teach these people about queueing theory, to convince them that they need a second register open. Wait times of over an hour are just unacceptable, especially when a substantial proportion of those waiting are doing so with small children.

Anyway, I have another récépissé, good for another 3 months, and with a changed address. Apparently what I'm waiting for is something to do with a check for TB and other diseases. News flash: if I arrived with TB, I've probably given it to half of Rennes by now. Also on that front, I'm really looking forward to trying to explain to the doctor that my TB test reaction is because I was innoculated against it at birth. Big words still hard translate.

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