Thursday, 12 August 2004


I've been thinking about output, with respect to what I've actually concretely accomplished these last 6 months. I've had one conference paper accepted, that I'll present in November, which was written (for my part) here, but for which the research was all done in Australia. I've developed my typing ideas a bit, to the point of encoding them, although not yet to the point of validating them, in Ruby (and hopefully soon Java). I guess that leads me to the point that I've (with Franck) build a Ruby MOF library, and in so doing learnt Ruby.

This doesn't seem like much of a hill of beans.

At this point, for these reasons and more, I'd take my old job back if it was going.


michael said...

Hard to believe that you're staying in france and are even remotely concerned about quality of work :-)

Anonymous said...

Too true Mr Mick... Get out and eat some cheese Jim!