Sunday, 13 March 2005

salon gastronomique

Franck and I headed out to Les Tablées du Rheu yesterday. We went last year with Clementine and Marc, and it was pretty awesome, lots and lots of wines to try, as well as cheese, bread, seafood, butter, conserves, etc etc etc. At least two of the stalls last year prompted me to add things to my meal rotation, most notably good butter, which remains my favourite thing about french food, I think.

I went with 60 euros, and managed to spend it all. I bought two bordeaux (a "real" bordeau and a lalande de pomerol, also from bordeau), a nice riesling from alsace (i tried an obscenely fruity one, but settled on the medaille d'or instead), a sav blanc from bergerac, a block of artisanal butter from st malo, a monster loaf of bread (dense, incredible crust, lasts a week!), a really nice strong camembert from the cheese guy who sold me on livarot last year, and 3 different tins of ducks' guts (paté, rillettes, and terrine).

In the evening, drunk on consumerism (and probably, for that matter, on wine - those little tastings add up), I ordered a computer from an online place in Lyon. I'd been umming and aahing and configuring it since perhaps Tuesday, and finally got around to convincing myself to buy it. It's interesting. My normal strategy for shops is to talk to the salesman until I can convince myself, discussing its technical points. This doesn't work for online stores, obviously, but I did manage the surrogate, of reading hardware reviews and comparisons on the web for a long time. Having done that, I probably would have gone for a Trigem Kloss box, but they're impossible to find, so I "settled" for a Shuttle box instead.

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