Monday, 13 June 2005

another item for the list

My list of things that other people are doing in Australia that I wish I could be doing in Australia now consists of:
  • Playing club cricket (presumably at some low level), like Lee or Jaye. No justification for this, really, since I haven't played organised cricket since I was 9, but the club aspect appeals to me, as well as the whole couldabeen thing.
  • Making a go of it with film and DVD, like Mick. If I hadn't left, I'm pretty sure I would have been at least peripherally involved in this stuff.
  • Being in a musical, like Jeremy. Again, its been a long long time, but I trod the boards a not inconsiderable number of times in my youth (including the Treasure Island musical of which Jeremy writes, although I can't remember as what - I think I was probably about 6 or 7), and again its a social thing as well as a chance to get a performance buzz.
One day, perhaps.


Anonymous said...

I don't play at a low level though - I play 1st grade. Lee

Jim said...

You're right, I didn't say that properly.

I want to play at a low level, in only rough correlation with friends and relatives who play at various higher or much higher levels :)

Jaye said...

I play a low grade of cricket, and at a low level. So when you are in Canberra you can join the BCC Jim. Speaking of cricket, we finally got the ashes tour back on track. But one dayers are 50/50 anyway. When the test starts the pommy media will be shut down.

Jez said...

Avast ye swab, pieces of eight etc etc.

It's a worry when talking like a pirate extends beyond the walls of the theatre....

"Aye that's not a bad x-ray ye swab....or them there a good pair of lungs you have laddy....or...Shiver me timbers....I think's that we're going to need to give you a bit of a jab in that there arm matey...."