Friday, 3 June 2005

the wolf in full voice

I took Wednesday off. I met up with Liz in the morning for a quick pass through the market, then we caught a lift with Veronique out to her house at Chanteloup. Once there we helped prepare lunch, tarte aux fruits de mer and magrets de canard in a cognac-honey-creme-fraiche sauce, all wonderful. In the afternoon we went down and helped out with a training session for a couple of kids (specifically poussins, poussines and bellegamines) basketball teams. Lots of fun!

As a followup, I've signed up to play in a social tournament next Friday, with a training session on Monday night. If only the town wasn't so far away (22km with hills), I'd go to play regularly. Another situation where not having a car is a bit of a drag.

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