Friday, 10 June 2005

mise a jour

Recently, on Jim...

Boring weekend, lots of Rome: Total War, not a lot else. On Monday night I went to a training session with the basketball team at Chanteloup, this time as a player. In fact, there was little choice, as there was no coach, and thus we wound up just playing 4 on 4. I was the tallest, so spent most of my time down low looking lost. I threw some good passes, and had a couple of big blocks, but generally don't know where to go in terms of positioning, particularly for rebounding, and for post defense, notably fronting. Anyway, good fun.

Tuesday I gave a presentation for our team, which went pretty well, with a bunch of good questions and discussion.

Last night there was a party for Audrey's birthday (again), this time at the club foyer. They moved Liz's apartment down there, which was fairly amusing, although reportedly a pain in the arse to undo. The party, like all such things with that group, was pretty crazy, winding up about 5ish. I stayed the journey this time, along the way following a somewhat dubious trail from punch to bordeaux to scotch.

Today lunch in town with Veronique and Liz, tomorrow night basketball tourney followed by paella and sangria. Mmmmm.

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