Monday, 9 January 2006

Back to it

A quiet Christmas day was followed by a quieter Boxing Day; I can't recall doing anything. Probably that was a good thing, since on the 27th we headed back up to Sjusjøen. We had planned on doing downhill for a couple of days, but the weather forecast suggested temperatures down to -14 or -17, so rather than freeze our bits off on skilifts all day, we figured we'd get back on the cross-country horse.

We once again rented some gear and headed out from Sjusjøen around the lakes, this time going a little further north, and then around down towards Rømåsen. We probably covered 11 or 12km, I'd reckon, and felt pretty happy with ourselves heading home that afternoon. The next day, our last of skiing, we caught a bus from Lillehammer to Nordseter. From there we ski'd north up to Mellsjøen, then across to Elgåsen, then south past Kroksjøen to Sjusjøen.

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