Monday, 9 January 2006

Below the Lillehammer ski jump

We spent Christmas in Lillehammer. After a latish breakfast, we went for a wander up the hill to the Olympic skijump (behind me), and past the Olympic museum, the skating rink, and a hill with a few kiddies on toboggans. We had a quiet lunch, then at 3pm headed out on a Moose safari.

The fact that everyone in the minibus was a native English-speaker (do Americans count?) was a good sign that it was a tourist trap, and we had a warning that the mild temperatures (between -5 and -10) made it unlikely that we would see many moose. Sure enough, we saw just one, and that at a distance. Also, starting late meant fading light, which made photos basically impossible with any affordable camera rig.

On getting home, we prepared our little Christmas dinner: crackers, caviar, and smoked salmon for starters with an Australian sparkling white (dare I call it a champagne), followed by roast pork with an Australian Cab Sav Shiraz, rocquefort and pie for desert.

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