Thursday, 12 January 2006

which will us bring us back to ...

Rennes. We got back last Wednesday, and I went back to uni, while Lee spent a few days pottering around. On Thursday we went for a drink with Soso, and on Saturday with Soso, Liz, Ashoo and Franck. On Monday Lee caught a couple of trains down to Madrid. She has a week or so in Spain, and plans on seeing some of Madrid/Seville/Cordoba/Granada before flying back to Rennes early next week and then back to T'ba next Friday.

As for me, I have a deadline looming, and need to buckle down to a couple of weeks of hard theory in order to make the paper submittable. Its already been published in a conference, but I'm a little ashamed at some of the errors and general naivety of it, so it needs some work before it goes to a journal.

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