Tuesday, 4 July 2006

Just to reiterate...

I stumbled across Afe's album reviews, and was happy to read that he, like me, was shockingly disappointed by Belle & Sebastian's The Boy With The Arab Strap, having had it consistently recommended by sources human and otherwise.

And for Mr Stein's benefit, I reiterate what I may or may not have sufficiently emphasized in previous posts here: The Lucksmiths are living gods of pop, and I am yet to hear their equal for song lyrics (with the possible exception of Mr Zimmerman). No easygoing summer is complete without them. And anyone who persists in mentioning that BS album in the same breath as them will be added, forthwith and courtesy of my good self, to the world encyclopedia of twentieth century murder.

Violently unhappy and happily violent. Sigh.

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Afe said...

Lucksmiths, lucksmiths, lucksmiths. I have a strong suspicion that your subliminal advertising will mysteriously pop into my brain the next time I visit JB Hi-Fi. And mentioning Mr. Zimmerman only makes me salivate.